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Each client/organization has different requirements and requires a subjective approach instead of ‘off the shelf
‘solution, therefore, our business strategy is to deal with each client uniquely. Human Resource is one of the
most expensive assets of a company; therefore, Proactive enhances productivity by putting processes in place, benchmarking standards, writing policies, forward planning; training and development.
Our line of work can be divided into the following 3 categories:
  • Strategic: These are comprehensive solution and changes which have a long term impact and far reaching
    consequences for the organization.

  • Tactical: These are small fixes with long term and immediate benefits and are related primarily to monetary
    and resource issues.

  • Transformational: This deals with issues related to the fundamental change and transformation of the business.
    These are driven primarily from the company strategy, guidance and direction provided by upper management.

Depending on the requirement any one or all strategies can be applied subjective to the requirement and
need of the client.

How we work

  • Diagnose issues, problems and situations through HR audits
  • Identify needs; gaps in current skills, attitudes and behaviors
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Provide solutions and training services
  • Improve managerial performance
  • Achieve employee satisfaction and motivation



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